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Fine Art Re-Creations

Art Scanning Processscanner

Citrus Graphics offers a high-quality digital scanning service for Artwork. Large artwork up to 2m x 1.2m can be scanned in a single pass and images are supplied on CD. Digital scanning is a much more direct process than the traditional transparency and does not suffer a loss of definition enabling you to archive your works of art, whether simply for your own records or for promotional or reproduction purposes.


Our scanning equipment uses the very latest Kigamo 8,000 scan back capturing data using an 8000 pixel wide CCD, capable of capturing up to a 512 MB digital image for fine art reproductions from any original. This means we can capture virtually every single brush stroke and mid-tone colour from the original artwork, creating a nearly identical reproduction. Also with the ability to capture 50% more lines, enabling images to be re-sized to much larger than smaller originals.

Giclée Printing Process

It was only a few short years ago that the prospect of having to print a thousand or more prints of an image put art reproduction out of the reach of most artists and decorators. With the onset of digital technology, once an image is archived additional reproductions can be made with minimal effort and cost. Thus the up-front cost of mass production is eliminated and printing is now done on-demand.

The term giclee print typically describes a certain elevation in printmaking technology. The giclée printing process provides better colour accuracy than other means of reproduction. Images are printed using archival quality pigmented inks onto various mediums including finest quality Artist’s Canvas and Art Paper specifically engineered and coated for giclee printing. The coating was designed to minimize fading of the image and provides a colour intensity and crispness not possible with uncoated mediums.

Our giclée printing process uses 11 different colour inks allowing for virtually unparalleled colour matching. We only use pigmented inks which are estimated to have a life expectancy on archival media, in normal indoor lighting conditions, in excess of 100 years. The giclee method technology-epson-9900has many advantages over other printmaking methods. For example, each piece is individually produced allowing you to order one reproduction at a time if desired, so the artist is not obligated to finish an edition and the decorator can have custom sized limited editions to suit individual decorating projects. Once initial setup is complete, you can order prints as needed without large up-front costs or storage problems associated with lithographic printing.

What is Giclée

Giclée is from the French word meaning “fine spray”. The original painting is digitally scanned and then adjusted to match the original’s colours. An advanced ink-jet printer is used to put the image on paper or canvas. Our Giclée prints are produced on archival quality acid-free canvas and watercolour papers. Canvas and watercolour papers produce softer colour than glossy media, and there is no way around that. With good colour management, original artwork can be faithfully reproduced but some bright paint colours cannot. If bright, vivid colour is essential to you, you will need to use a gloss or satin photo paper instead. We use only UV resistant pigment inks which have a lifespan on acid-free media in gallery conditions of well over 100 years.

Giclée printing pricing

60cm (24in) wide 90cm (36in) wide 110cm (44in) wide
Faux Canvas
Polyester imitation canvas. Great colours. Sealed with UV inhibiting sealer.
$85 p/lm $100 p/lm $125 p/lm
Archival Canvas
Lightly textured, Acid-Free 400gsm 20.5mil canvas. Sealed with UV inhibiting sealer.
$90 p/lm $145 p/lm $180 p/lm
Cotton Rag Art Paper
Lightly textured, Acid-Free, 320gsm archival 100% cotton rag paper.
$90 p/lm $130 p/lm $150 p/lm

All printing prices are wholesale only and EXCLUDE G.S.T.

Art Scanning (images up to 150cm x 200cm) $125.00 inc GST.

All scanned images supplied on CD/DVD or via DropBox, in RGB TIFF format.

Quantity discounts apply to the above pricing schedule as follows:

5+ Metres 5% 20+ Metres 20%
10+ Metres 10% 25+ Metres 25%
15+ Metres 15% 30+ Metres 30%
The above pricing is a guide only. Please contact us for final pricing